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United Health One Reviews

Our family is currently insured under UnitedHealthOne of Michigan. We acquired this plan when my husband's company was no longer able to purchase Blue Cross Blue Shield due to a price increase on the quote from that insurance company. The benefits of the two are different and it took very little time to adjust as overall there are some strong points to United.

First United Health One does NOT require each member of the family to have a Primary Care Physician (the regular doctor you see most of the time). With United Health we can go to ANY doctor that takes the insurance. In Michigan this is a huge doctor network. It is 100 times bigger than an HMO network. I put in my zip code and I had 100's of doctors in Auburn Hills that take United. In order to get the greatest benefits you have to see these doctors, because you get a super low network rate. So my husband, myself and our three girls all got set up with our own physicians. After that co-pays for office visits are only $35 and there is NO copay or cost for routine well child checks or annual health screens, like GYN, or my husband's prostate test are no cost, mammograms too. Also, specialist appointments are also capped at a $35 co-pay, so we like that as well.

ER visits are $100 copay, and covered at an eighty percent to twenty percent ratio with the company paying for 80% of costs as long as you use a contracting provider. Our family had an experience with this when my husband went in for stitches a few months ago. We anticipated paying our 20% but learned that you must first have met your deductible. For our specific plan the deductible is $1,000 dollars so we ended up paying more out of pocket for the ER visit, because we had a ton of x-rays done. However, our insurance still saved us money because we were at a contracting provider hospital.

United Health also offers families a strong prescription plan. We have the Copay Select plan, some high end brand name medications must be prior approved to get the best coverage but this is easily done through a simple call from your doctor's office. United really saved us money on prescriptions we purchase on a monthly basis compared to our prior coverage.

My husband's company used to cover our insurance, but now they don't contribute at all. We have to cover ourselves 100%. The price for UnitedHealthOne is cheaper than other plans we have had in the past. Overall, it is much better plan than Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. It is good moderate level insurance for a mid-income family. We also have a good dental plan too.
                                                                               Wendy G., Auburn Hills, MI

United Health One HSA 100 Review

Having purchased United Health Care as my primary health care provider I found them attractive due to their 26 million customers that they service as providers of insurance. I Trusted "Golden Rule Health Insurance " as the underwriter of United Health One with over half a century of experience. I picked a plan affordable and effective for my health care needs. Their goal of an affordable healthcare plan for everyone was a fact, not just an empty promise offered like some of the other companies. Price and affordability were as promised. If your health needs require you to need a specialist, it is done. Every plan gives a 3 million dollar lifetime guarantee benefit promise. I found this a comfort in these rough and unpredictable times. Their professionalism and promise of a fast claims process was exactly as described.

In my case it was less than the ten days that all my claims have been processed. Pre-deductible, I saved 35 percent on my healthcare needs and found them to have an extensive network of providers, actually more than half a million physicians. This in itself was a comfort to know that my coverage wasn't provided by some fly by night care provider. I picked the HSA 100 a plan that provided me with the type of coverage I could use. I picked a $3500.00 a year deductible. This plan was well suited for my needs and delivered as promised what it claimed. That is a rarity in these days of economic distress and world changing events. I had a guaranteed initial rate promise of 12 months this could be extended to 24 months. All my families physicals, well care visits, and OBGYN exams were covered immediately. And after I had a broken ankle, my deductible was met, and my physician visits were paid 100% as promised. This was fantastic and allowed me to stay on top of my bills instead crushed underneath them.

My favorite part is still the doctor wellness visits that are covered 100%. Where can you see a leading physician for that? My usual doctor that saw me before I picked United Health One cost me on the average $165.00 per visit. This did not include any lab tests or specialty tests that always seemed to be the case. I used to hide my head in a pillow when I got sick. Not anymore! The HSA 100 plan was a real money saver for me and United Health Care delivered what they promised. Unlike all the other policies I had enrolled in this policy kept its word and honored all the promises it made to me. Things like extra costs for emergency rooms, ct scans and many other treatments or procedures cost me nothing after my yearly deductible was met. The annual maximum covered per person per years is $3,000,000.00. This is plenty of enough coverage. There's not too many times I would recommend a company or any health care provider but this is a special time and United Health One has earned my recommendation. I just hope if a public option comes into place, Obama will make sure that its quality is equal to United Health One HSA 100.
                                                                                                       Shelly G. Orlando, Florida       
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United Health One HSA 70 Review

United Health One offers a great number of HSA plans. I used to have Anthem BCBS of Ohio but after reviewing the coverage they are too expensive and really the coverage did not meet my needs. The idea of a health savings account plan in particular has always had some appeal in my eyes. The HSA 70 plan from United Health One offers very extensive coverage and certainly gives you the opportunity to plan and save for the future. The great thing about the HSA plans is that your dollars can grow tax deferred. You can really pour money into a health savings account. The preventive coverage took care of 70% of my PSA test and my wife's mammogram and pap test. The thirty-five dollar co-pay associated with the preventive doctor's visits is very affordable.

The tax deduction that you get on your health savings account is something you should certainly consult with a United Health One agent before moving forward. My agent wanted to make sure we would prosper and not be burdened by funding the account. There are also no inactivity fees with your HSA account which means I can contribute to my account as I like. An HSA is really the best fit for someone who is successful and self-employed and wants to gain access to a traditional health care plan that is afforadable and comprehensive coverage and I also added dental for about $20 a month.

With have a small business one concern I had was to have a very large lifetime maximum benefit and with the HSA 70 I was able to choose between three million and five million dollars depending upon the benefit structure I wanted. The large sum is on a per a person basis and I think after $5 million I would have had enough! The plan does allow me to go to my doctor and another huge plus is that for a specialist visit, referrals are not required in order to get coverage and you don't need a designated primary care doctor under the HSA 70 in order to get services. I also chose to lock in the initial rate guarantees that you can lock in with United Health One for up to twenty four months. I am very satisfied with my HSA 70 and with my United Health One dental insurance.

                                                                      Larry S. Columbus, Ohio

My Choice for United Health One Insurance

I needed an affordable health insurance plan that was flexible enough to work with the doctors I wanted to see. I wanted the ability to set a little money aside every payday for any unexpected medical issues. The health savings account was the perfect option for me.

A higher co-pay and lower premium were the perfect plan for me. I do not visit a doctor often, except for routine and preventative care generally so a little higher co-pay was fine with me. I appreciate the ability to choose my own doctor from large number of doctors that are part of the UnitedHealth network. My health savings account is a great way to save up for any deductibles I might incur from a medical procedure. Instead of trying to come up with a large dollar amount, I already have some of it put away in a tax free account. For the times I do get sick, I know I can buy the medicines I need with under my drug coverage plan, with a small co-pay.

The best part of my UnitedHealthOne plan is I actually got a quote from an intelligent insurance agent who could advise me and answer all of my questions. UnitedHealthOne has been around for a long time, and they know how to give their customers the best healthcare options. It is no secret that healthcare is a major concern among Americans. The rates and flexible plans offered by UnitedHealthOne are sure to fit any persons needs and budget.
                                                           Heather L Las Vegas, Nevada 
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Review of Quality and Affordability in a United Health One Plan!

When my husband and I were struggling with our previous health insurance provider my mother in law recommended that we look into United health One Copay Select. To be completely honest, I was a little worried about dealing with a new health insurance company. Soon after I started working with one of their experienced agents all of my reservations pretty much disappeared. One of the first things our agent mentioned was our ability to choose the doctors that we want which is a huge plus for us. Itýs great that now we can go to a doctor much closer to our home instead of having to travel just to see our old doctor. Another thing that he mentioned which was something that we really weren't expecting was their extensive preventative coverage. Earlier this year our daughter caught the flu and soon after developed pneumonia. We ended up spending an entire week at the hospital. It was there that they told us how there were plenty of measures that our healthcare providers could have taken to prevent our daughter from getting to this point. The fact that United Health One is so dedicated to their preventative coverage is such an important detail in their health plan that really makes them an asset as far as health insurance companies go. They also have great drug coverage. This helps out a lot especially with a family and making sure that we can afford all the medications we need. In today's economy affordability and dependability are the two big things that I'm always looking for. I really think that we get that now with United Health One. Our awesome agent also made a point to tell us about their Deductible Credit benefit that basically rewards you for being healthy! If you don't reach your deductible by the end of the year they reduce your annual deductible by 20% so you save a lot of money and only use what you need. This has been such an affordable decision for us, I'm so glad we did this. The co pay programs that they offer were definitely one of the biggest selling points for us. This was absolutely affordable and one of the best decisions we've ever made. Once our agent got us a quote and was able to connect us with the plan that fit our needs we realized that we could not have made a better decision!
                                          Thanks QuoteFinder,
                                          Kevin and Jenny F.  Hartford, Connecticut 
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