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  United Health One Insurance  

United Healthcare is raising the bar on individual health insurance. UHC has always been known for their quality medical coverage, but in the past they have always been more likely to provide this insurance for groups and employers. Now, they have introduced United Health One products for the individual and family health insurance market.

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If you are looking for a health insurance plan, then you may consider applying for the United Health One Copay Select, the HSA 100, or the Saver 80. These are the three most popular plans, and each one offers unique benefits for people looking to get individual health insurance coverage. 

The United Health One HSA is best for people who want comprehensive coverage with tax advantages. The HSA, or health savings account often appeals to the self-employed who are willing to satisfy a higher deductible to keep their health premiums lower. Some people in their 50's and 60's just want hospital coverage, and the Saver 80 gives quality hospital coverage with a low deductible.

If you are not interested in HSA plans you may want to visit the Copay Select tutorial. The Copay Select plan offers traditional health coverage.


United Health One Plan Benefits:

Learn about the Decreasing Deductible.

United Health One's key selling point is its dedication to preventive care and affordable office visits. All United Health One major medical policies cover 100% on preventive care before the deductible is met. All the plans have this immediate benefit, after all, what good is a health plan if you can't afford to use it!

Quality health insurance depends on your individual needs, so getting a United Healthcare Individual Health Insurance Quote is the best way to decide which plan is right for you.

Is United Health Care the Company for Me?

United Health One is geared toward providing individuals and families with the coverage they need. With 40 million uninsured Americans, United Health One has tremendous room for growth and fills an important role in American society. The company has become popular all over the country. Florida residents are most familiar with United as it is the best selling state. However, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Indiana, and Missouri are in close competition. With more and more people looking for affordable health insurance, United Health One is certain to expand throughout the entire United States.

United Health One offers a variety of unique policies that interest some people with very particular need. These plans include the Copay Select Value, the HSA 70, the affordable Saver 70, and Plan 80, and the traditional Plan 100. The medical deductibles can range from $1000 to $10,000 and office visit copays range from $25-$35.00. RX coverage ranges from a copay of $15.00 for generic drugs to a copay of $35 for brand name prescriptions.

To learn more about each plan offering you may want visit United Healthcare medical insurance.

With one-sixth of America uninsured (46 million people), United health One has many plans to help meet the needs of the individuals and families who are looking for health insurance in America.

The company also offers stand alone dental insurance. Currently, two plans are offered, United Dental Premier and Dental Value. Both plans have great preventative coverage and are part of a PPO network. Once you purchase the United Health One dental policy you can also add vision for a very low premium.  

If you want to learn more we suggest running a quote for United Health One or call our Agent assistance line at 877-991-4249 to get personal guidance.

Already got a quote? Ready to apply? Simply visit United Health One Application.

If you are on Medicare, then United Healthcare is the division that offers Medicare supplement plans for people 65 and over. Please call us directly at 877-305-9083 for quote on Medicare.

NEW - United Healh One Disability Insurance.

After a huge surge in the individual health insurance markets, more and more people are looking for additional products. New to the list of enhancements is the easy to add disability insurance. The plan has two great offerings and is an essential product for families with only one bread winner.

Also, United Health One offers Continuity. 
Continuity plans are for those looking to secure future health coverage rather than face the unpredictability of going through Underwriting when leaving group health coverage. United Health Continuity give people the ability to qualify for medical insurance before age and potential health conditions could pose challenges.

With Continuity Plans you only go through underwriting once. After approved benefits may be turned on and off when employer coverage is not available.

Speak with your United Health One Agent for more information 877-991-4249. Also visit United Health One Reviews.

Company Information on United Health One

United Health One is the brand name used for products underwritten and administered by United Healthcare a group of companies offering individual and family health insurance from either Golden Rule Insurance Company or United Healthcare Insurance Company. Serving individuals and families is United Health One's main focus. The carriers dedication to this market has led to a great understanding of the average American's health insurance needs. After years of business the carrier has a diverse line of products to meet the customer's expectations.

The company headquarters is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and has sold family health insurance for over 60 years. Golden Rule, PacifiCare, American Medical Security (AMS), MAMSI, Oxford Health Plans, and United Health One, are only some of the companies under the United Health Group. The conglomerate of insurance companies provide more than 70 million Americans with medical insurance. The U.S. network consists of 770,000 doctors and healthcare professionals.

Examples of plans offered by United Health One

Some examples are Copay Plans for people who prefer the copay for routine office visits.

Another is Health Savings Accounts or H.S.A. Plans for the health insurance shopper who wants lower premium plans combined with a high deductible health insurance policy and network discounts with a tax-advantaged savings account. See United Health One HSA.

Or High Deductible Plans for those who would prefer pay out of pocket for most health expenses in exchange for lower premiums on their health insurance policies.

United Health One is currently a # 1 seller in Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Georgia. Visit the link below to learn more about United Health One in your state.

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