Dental and Vision Insurance Plans

If you are shopping for dental and vision insurance plans you came to the right place. We offer both stand alone dental and stand alone vision plans. It is important to know that bundling policies is usually more cost effective. The market has a few excellent dental and vision insurance options. Bundling policies can save you up to $50 per a year.

Hot Tip: Most bundles only issue one bill and one card for the dental and vision insurance policy. This give you less to worry about, because you only have one member ID card to keep track of.

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    Once you submit for your zip code and date of birth you will see your dental and vision Insurance quotes, you will learn about many packages that are available to you. Here are some frequently asked questions that almost all shoppers have.

    The health of our mouth and eyes are no less important than the rest of our body. Yet, Dental and vision insurance plans are often excluded from traditional health insurance coverage. 

    While a health insurance plan can aid in the cost of a broken arm or a skin infection, a chipped tooth or fading eyesight is left up to dental and vision insurance. 

    Can I use my Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance Plan Right Away?

    The answer is YES. Your preventive dental coverage is available to use instantly. This means on your policy effective date you are allowed see the dentist, get cleanings, x-rays, and exams. If you are in need of dental insurance with no waiting periods on fillings or major dental work, we can also have recommendations for this type of coverage.

    Right now in the US an average cost of cleanings, x-rays, and exams is around $250-$400 depending where you reside. With dental insurance you can simply pay your first months premium and have this coverage instantly.

    Basic and Major dental work coverage may have some waiting periods associated with the treatments. These waiting periods depend on the policy design. Almost all companies offer immediate access to the insurance company rate on all procedures. Learn more about this on our overview to dental insurance page.

    Can I really use my Vision Insurance Plan Instantly?

    Yes, your vision insurance can be used right when your policy become effective. If in the past you ever paid full retail price for eye exams, contacts, or glasses, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Your next visit may cost you as low as $10 in co-pays. It is not uncommon for people to call our office and tell us they spent $500 on new glasses. Once you have vision insurance, you can put those days behind you. The dental and vision insurance combo is one of the longest lasting policies in the insurance industry, with average utilization you’ll get your money’s worth.

    What is the Best Dental and Vision Insurance Plan?

    Dental and Vision Plans

    Right now it depends on where you live and the number of members applying. The beauty of QuoteFinder.Org is that we work with all the companies. We are 100% designed to meet your needs. As an independent insurance agency, we earn very little money selling dental and vision insurance policies but see the need in the marketplace. If you’ve arrived at our site, that means you probably have already dug through a dozen other sites trying to sell you discount plans or other dental products from companies you never heard of before. You may have felt a bit leery about those products and that is the correct feeling to have.

    Today the internet has ten bad products for every good product being offered. With our guidance and friendly staff we can answer your questions and get you pointed in the correct direction. Of the people we talk to, 1 in 2 enroll in a plan with us. We have good chance of meeting your dental needs.

    Here are the reasons why dental and vision insurance may not be right for you.

    • Plans cost between $20 – $50 and some people just can’t fit this into their budget.
    • Many people want braces covered and dental insurance is NOT designed to offer much benefit for braces. We prefer NOT work with these consumers as we know they will expect more and receive less.
    • Some consumers have completely ignored their dental health, and even with a top of the line dental insurance policy, they would still have to pay thousands to fix the problems.
    • Some shoppers, are simply shoppers. The idea of dedicating an increment of time to choosing a quality product and moving forward with the purchase is just not the way they lead their life.

    Average Costs of Dental And Vision Services when paying Cash

    Listed below are some average shelf prices for common dental and vision services.

    • Exams including x-rays and cleaning: $267
    • Fillings single, silver-amalgam filling:  $80 to $150
    • Fillings, white/composite: $150 – $300
    • Tooth extractions non-surgical: $175 to $350
    • Crowns: $1480
    • Root canals: $1260

    Vision Costs

    • Eye Exam for Contacts and Glasses: $100
    • Eye Exam for Glasses $50
    • Eye Exam for Contacts $60
    • Glasses – Frames: $200
    • Glasses – Lenses: $100
    • Glasses – Progressive $200
    • Contact Lenses: $200-$500 per year

    Here are the reasons why dental insurance and Vision Insurance IS a good fit for you.

    • You value your dental hygiene
    • You understand the importance of a good smile
    • Traditionally, you get two cleanings every year
    • You’ve always had dental and vision insurance and understand it’s value
    • You understand that dental insurance keeps you on track with having two annual visits
    • You fully know that sooner or later you WILL need your dental insurance for fillings, crowns, root canals, etc and you want to be ready for when those bills come.

    Learn more about dental hygiene in the US. Or Get A Quote On Dental and Vision Insurance.

    Golden Rule Insurance Company Health Plan Overview

    UnitedHealthcare has long been known for their quality medical coverage. Millions of Americans have experienced UnitedHealthcare insurance through their employer group coverage. Today you can shop private health insurance options through Golden Rule – a UnitedHealthcare company….these products are NOT Obamacare…..

    2020 Health Plan Options:

    • Low Deductible PPO Plans available in most markets
    • Short Term and other medical policy options – scroll down for a quote
    • National Doctor Networks available
    • Options to add Dental and Vision
    • Range of plan pricing for all ages – scroll down for a quote

    Quality health insurance depends on your individual needs. Scroll below to obtain a quote and review the plan offerings in your area.

    Get Insurance Quotes Online

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      Examples of plans offered by Golden Rule Insurance Company

      • Short Term Medical plans: choices in plan benefits; ideal for bridging gaps in health insurance coverage
      • Dental Insurance plans: Plans range in benefits and budget, including plans design just for seniors.
      • First dollar Fixed Indemnity plans – Office Visits, Hospital, ER, Urgent Care

      Need Medicare?

      If you are on Medicare or turning 65 soon, then a Medicare supplement and gap plans for people 65 and over. Learn about Medicare. Or get a UnitedHealthcare insurance quote:

      Company Profile

      UnitedHealthOne is the brand name used for private individual and family health insurance products underwritten and administered by Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company. Golden Rule’s dedication to this market has led to a great understanding of the average American’s health insurance needs. After years of business the carrier has created a diverse line of products to meet the customer’s expectations.

      Golden Rule Insurance Company now offers Health ProtectorGuard Fix Indemnity Insurance for Under Age 65

      Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company, is now offering Health ProtectorGuard fixed indemnity insurance. Plans are available up to age 65. Some key points of Health ProtectorGuard are that the plans allow you to receive eligible services from any doctor or hospital you choose and get a fixed benefit. Many consumers choose Health ProtectorGuard so they can continue to see their doctor. With HPG, you decide what doctor you want to see!

      Contact us to learn more about Health ProtectorGuard.

      Mutual of Omaha Dental and Vision Insurance

      Mutual of Omaha Dental InsuranceAfter providing Medicare Supplement coverage to over 1 million Americans, Mutual of Omaha will soon be offering dental and vision insurance. Most people are very familiar with Mutual of Omaha from their diverse portfolio of life insurance, long term care, and of course medicare supplement products.

      For 2020 enrollment Mutual of Omaha will offer two competitively priced dental insurance plans. This will be a nice option for individuals and families along with Medicare recipients. The goal is one stop shopping for medicare supplement, dental, and vision.

      Keep reading to learn more about these two exciting products.

      Mutual Dental Preferred Insurance Policy

      The highest level of coverage offered is the Mutual Dental Preferred Policy. This insurance policy pays as follows:

      • Deductible: $0 per year for preventive services / $50 per year for basic and major services
      • Preventive services: Two Cleanings per year / Bite-wing X-rays – 100% Covered, Insured Pays Nothing
      • Basic Services: Fillings, Extractions, Emergency Treatment, 80% Insured Pays 20%
      • Major Services: After a 12-month waiting period, Crowns, Dentures, Bridges, Root Canals, Periodontics, Full-mouth X-ray, Oral Surgery / 50% Insured pays 50% (Dental Implants, see below)

      Calendar Year Benefit: $1,500. This is the maximum amount the policy pays each calendar year for all covered services.

      Dental Implants. Lifetime Maximum Benefit for implants is $3,000 This is the maximum amount the policy pays for dental implants.

      Read the Dental Insurance Overview.

      Mutual Dental Protection Insurance Policy

      The lesser level of coverage offered is the Mutual Dental Protection Policy. This insurance policy pays as follows:

      • Deductible: $100 per year for all services
      • Preventive services: Two Cleanings per year / Bite-wing X-rays – 100% Covered, Insured Pays Nothing
      • Basic Services: Fillings, Extractions, Emergency Treatment, 50% Insured Pays 50%
      • Major Services: After a 12-month waiting period, Crowns, Dentures, Bridges, Root Canals, Periodontics, Full-mouth X-ray, Oral Surgery / 50% Insured pays 50% (Dental Implants, see below)

      Calendar Year Benefit: $1,000. This is the maximum amount the policy pays each calendar year for all covered services.

      Dental Implants. Lifetime Maximum Benefit for implants is $2,000 This is the maximum amount the policy pays for dental implants.

      Get a Dental and Vision Insurance Quote.

      Mutual Vision Benefit

      The Mutual Vision Benefit can be included in either dental policy. It is an additional rider that will have an additional premium.

      • Provides a reimbursement benefit
      • Pays up to $50 every calendar year for one eye exam (no waiting period)
      • Pays up to $150 every two calendar years for eyeglasses or contact lenses (after a six-month waiting period)

      Medicare and Dental Insurance Coverage

      Mutual Dental insurance policies are designed to help pay for the dental services American’s need and to give members the confidence of knowing what their out-of-pocket costs will be. Medicare doesn’t cover dental services. That means costs for things like routine cleanings, fillings, root canals, bridges and dentures come out of pocket. With Medicare recipients living longer, it is very important to have proper dental hygiene and to keep on top of preventative dental care.

      See the Mutual of Omaha Dental Insurance brochure.

      Learn more about Mutual Of Omaha.

      Compare similar Dental, Vision, and Hearing plan options with Central United Life or Aetna Dental Vision Hearing.

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        Golden Rule Insurance Company Dental Insurance

        Golden Rule Insurance Company, a  UnitedHealthcare Company, offers individual and family dental insurance with optional vision insurance is a must when it comes to having quality coverage for you or your family. If your employer does not offer coverage, or you are between jobs or self employed, these dental policies are a very good option. Cleanings, X-rays, and Exams are covered day one with these dental products. Take a closer look to learn about other covered services, such as fillings, root canals, and crowns. And read below to learn about adding vision coverage to your dental policy.

        Check Dental and Vision Insurance Rates

        Dental Insurance Benefits Include:

        • No Waiting Period for Preventive Care
        • Family or Individual Dental Policies
        • Plan Options for Basic and Major Dental Services
        • National Network of Dentists
        • Optional Vision Insurance Rider

        Dental care can be challenging to a person’s budget. Individual or Family dental insurance help provide the coverage and convenience needed to keep smiling brightly.

        Want to learn more about Dental Insurance? view Dental and Vision Insurance Plans.

        Many Dental Plan Options are Available

        Primary plans include:

        • Primary Dental – more affordable coverage Get a Quote
        • Primary Plus Dental
        • Primary Preferred Dental
        • Primary Preferred Plus Dental – Use Any Dentist
        • See the Primary plans brochure

        The Premier plans include:

        • Premier Choice Dental – a very popular option – Get a Quote
        • Premier Plus Dental – includes coverage for braces / dental implants
        • Premier Elite Dental
        • Premier Max Dental
        • See the Premier plans brochure

        The Gen plans (for individuals age 64+) include:

        • Gen Basic Dental
        • Gen Saver Dental
        • Gen Deluxe Dental – a very popular option – Get a Quote
        • Gen Plus Dental – Use Any Dentist
        • Learn more about the Dental Gen Plans

        Why so Many Dental Options?

        Dental insurance policies can vary greatly in price and coverage levels. While a young person may simply want an inexpensive plan for cleanings, x-rays and exams, a person age 65 may want coverage for major dental work or crowns and root canals. On the other hand a family may be interested in coverage for braces, while another family may not have any need for coverage on braces.

        Here are some key things to know about Golden Rule Insurance Company dental insurance plans

        • Traditional Policy Design and Easy to Understand
        • Two Cleanings, X-rays, Exams Covered Per a Calendar Year
        • National Network that offers Discounted Rates!
        • Annual maximum benefits from $1,000 to $3,000 per a year
        • Optional Vision Rider in most states

        Learn more? Get A Quote.

        Vision Insurance – An Optional Benefit

        When buying Dental insurance you can package it with vision insurance in most states. An additional premium is required to add the vision insurance. This is an excellent way to save money as vision insurance on its own would cost more. Some of the best features of the vision insurance are:

        -Network Eye Exams: – covered every 12 months

        -Frames: Covered every 12 months – up to network allowance

        -Select Contact Lenses: covered every 12 months 

        -The Network includes : Private practices along with leading retailers!

        What is the Cost of Dental and Vision Insurance?

        Plan rates vary by state and coverage levels. Applicants may save money by applying for both dental and vision coverage at the same time.

        Get A Quote and Learn more about Healthcare Dental and Vision

        More on Dental Insurance by Golden Rule Insurance Company – a UnitedHealthcare Company

        The dental insurance plans easily pair with other supplemental coverage. Golden Rule Insurance Company offers Fixed Indemnity, Accident, and more, through a single carrier.


        Dental Gen Plans – Dental Insurance for Seniors by Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare Company

        Dental Gen Deluxe is a dental, hearing and vision plan for age 64 and above. These dental plans not only includes preventive, basic, and major dental coverage, but also coverage for dental implants.

        Underwriter: Golden Rule Insurance Company – a UnitedHealthcare Company

        Check Rates on this dental insurance product.

        Information below is from the Golden Rule Dental Gen Brochure:

        Plan is not currently offered in all states.

        See Dental and Vision Insurance Plans

        Preventive Care (deductible does not apply)

        Policy pays 100% day one

        Waiting Period : No waiting period            

        Basic Services Deductible (maximum 3 individual deductibles per family, per calendar year)

        You pay: $50 per person (combined basic and major services)

        Major Services Deductible (maximum 3 individual deductibles per family, per calendar year)

        You pay: $50 per person (combined basic and major services)

        Policy pays 10% day one

        40% after policy year one (in most states)

        50% after policy year two

        Waiting Period: No waiting period (in most states)                                

        Orthodontics:  Not covered

        Hearing Benefit

        No waiting period 

        Policy Pays: 

        Exam – $75 per person, per policy year

        Hearing Aids: $100 day one $300 after policy year one

        $500 after policy year two

        $750 after policy year three

        Benefit increases each policy year is not used. If the benefit is used during any policy year, it will start over at the $100 level. Hearing benefit provides benefits in a stated amount regardless of the actual expenses incurred.

        Annual Maximum (per calendar year)

        We pay up to: $2,000 per person, per calendar year

        Vision Benefit: Optional Vision benefits available in most states, for a small additional premium – often less than a separate vision plan!

        Learn More, View the Dental Gen Brochure

        Check Rates on the Dental and Vision Insurance Plans

        Golden Rule Health Insurance Plans

        Golden Rule Insurance CompanyGolden Rule Insurance Company is owned by UnitedHealthcare, one of the largest health insurers in the U.S. According to Annual Form 10-K 12/31/18, UnitedHealthcare provides over 27 million Americans access to health care. Additionally, the UnitedHealthcare Choice and Choice Plus networks provide access to over 1.3 million network providers. Golden Rule Insurance Company has provided individual and family health insurance for over 60 years. Today Golden Rule markets the individual under 65 products for UnitedHealthcare or UnitedHealthOne.

        Golden Rule Insurance Company Plans

        Golden Rule Insurance Company offers private health insurance options. The portfolio includes:

            • The new Health ProtectorGuard – A Fixed Indemnity plan option for Doctor and Hospital Coverage
            • Short Term Medical – Fill the Gaps between open enrollment
            • Dental and Vision Insurance – A variety of plan options to choose from.
            • Critical illness – Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke – Money when you need it most
            • Accident Coverage – A plus for families, 1st dollar coverage

            Golden Rule Health Insurance Quotes

            Obtain your quote on Golden Rule Insurance Products

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            HealthLifeShort TermGroupDental/VisionMedicare

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            Why Choose Golden Rule Insurance?

          • Golden Rule has multiple individual and family health insurance products to help provide a variety of options for coverage.
          • Some of the strongest health care networks across the nation.
          • Simple online tools to quickly and easily manage your policy, view claims, and print temporary ID cards.
          • Golden Rule Insurance Company is rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best (6/21/2018) for financial strength and stability.
          • Golden Rule Insurance offers a diverse portfolio of plans that are consumer driven.
          • One stop shopping for health insurance products.

          Dental and Vision Insurance by Central United Life Insurance Company

          Central United Life Insurance CompanyDental insurance is something that can help reduce overall dental expenses. Dental procedures can be quite costly. Therefore, dental insurance through Central United Life Insurance Company can help pay for general dental visits as well as necessary dental procedures. Central United Life Insurance company (CUL) is part of the Manhattan Life Group which has been doing business since 1850.

          This is a private policy for individual or families.

          KEY POINT: Central United Life Insurance allows YOU to choose your own dentist. There are no dental networks that assign a particular dentist to the policy holder. In addition, the dental insurance plans offer special family rates which are great savings when it comes to children.

          Get a Quote on this Product.

          As an added bonus, ALL the policies include Vision and Hearing coverage as well.

          Central United Life Dental Insurance Benefits at a Glance

          Each year CUL offers policy holders a benefit amount of $1,000 or $1,500. The person gets to choose their own plan benefit amount. The available limits can be used for dental, vision, or hearing benefits. This coverage is very nice because some clients who prefer expensive eye-wear and vision services are covered up to the policy limit through this plan. Some clients buy this policy only to use on dental, while other buy it only for vision, and some buy it mostly for hearing coverage. However, the choice is yours. You can use your policy benefits however you best feel fit.

          Preventative Dental Services

          There is absolutely no waiting period for preventative dental services. Therefore, services that are completely covered include the following:

          Dental Insurance Coverage

          • Patient X-rays
          • Dental Cleanings – 2 per a year
          • Exams – 2 per a year

          Preventative Dental Coverage Levels

          • Year One, Up to 60%
          • Year Two, Up to 70%
          • Year Three, Up to 80%

          Basic Dental Services

          Members are happy to know that their is no waiting periods on basic dental services. This is excellent news for people who may need some basic work completed sooner than later. Basic dental services include:

          • Fillings
          • Simple Extractions
          • Additional x-rays

          Basic Dental Coverage Levels

          • Year One, Up to 60%
          • Year Two, Up to 70%
          • Year Three, Up to 80%

          Example, you have tooth pain and you need 2 fillings replace right away. The dentist charges you $400 for the filling. The CUL plan will cover 60%. So right away your plan pays $240 toward your fillings.

          To check rates and learn more, get an online quote and compare plan options.

          Major Dental Services

          Major dental services can get very expensive. For this reason it is common for many policies to have a waiting period of up to 12 months for major dental procedures. Major dental procedures that require a waiting period according to the policy include:

          • Crowns
          • Root Canals
          • Bridges
          • Dentures / Full Mouth and Partial

          Major Dental Coverage Levels

          • Year One, Not Covered
          • Year Two, Up to 70%
          • Year Three, Up to 80%

          Example, Year three your dentist charges a costly $1200 for a crown. Your dental insurance would cover 80%. That means $960 would be paid by the insurance company.

          Hot Tip, If you are in need of dental implants visit. GPM Dental Insurance.

          Central United Life Vision Insurance Coverage

          Vision services are available after you have owned your policy for six months. For example, there is a six month waiting period for an eye exam, glasses, or contact lenses. You can choose your very own Optometrist. There is no network of eye specialists that you are required to choose from.

          Vision Insurance CoverageThis plan allow full policy limit on vision services. Members who utilize expensive doctors or members who prefer expensive frames or lenses truly love this plan. It is one of the few plans that allows up to $1,500 in vision coverage.

          Once benefits take effect the company will pay the following according to plan guidelines:

          • Up to 60% of all charges related to vision benefits for usage from after 6 months to 1 year
          • Up to 70% second year
          • Up to 80% after second year of coverage

          For example a $500 frame would be covered at 80% after the second year. So the policy would cover $400 of the $500 charge.

          Learn more, through the Central United Life Dental, Vision, and Hearing Brochure

          Hearing Coverage through Central United Life Insurance Company

          Hearing coverage is another added benefit to this plan. While many people do not have any concerns with hearing, this benefit can be very valuable to other members. A 12 month waiting period is required for anyone in need of new hearing aids or in need of repairs.

          Keep in mind a 12 month waiting period does apply to anyone who may need hearing aid repairs or adjustments.

          Hearing CoverageHearing Benefit Levels

          • Year One, Not Covered
          • Year Two, Up to 70%
          • Year Three, Up to 80%

          Other Information Regarding Central United Life Insurance Company

          The issuer of this dental, vision, hearing policy makes sure all benefits and claims are paid quickly. In addition, other plan benefits include:

          • Coverage for Ages 18-85
          • Immediate & Guaranteed Coverage
          • Cancel Anytime

          All coverage, as well as claims information can be easily managed online. Also, new and replacement cards can be printed directly from the company web site. If any changes or adjustments are made to existing coverage benefits, the changes will be updated within 24 hours. Information such as this can also be accessed on line.

          Affordable & Valuable Coverage:

          It is extremely important to have dental, hearing and eye coverage especially if an emergency situation arises. It is important to keep in mind that Medicare Plans do not cover dental, vision or hearing expenses. Therefore, it is critical that you have affordable coverage to help pay for expenses related to dental, vision as well as hearing expenses.

          All charges for monthly premiums are broken down according to age. All rates are based on the $1,000-$1,500 policy maximum. Coverage can be obtained for as little as $25 per month. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your new coverage, the company will cancel the coverage and refund your money within first 30 days.

          Coverage of this nature is critically important for the health and well being of you and your family. Therefore, if you are in need of dental, hearing and vision coverage this is an opportunity to take advantage of this very valuable and very necessary coverage. Your health and the health of your loved ones is a valuable asset.

          Get an online quote and compare plan options.

          Cigna Health Insurance Plan Options


          Cigna provides millions of American’s with healthcare products. These products include not only individual and family Health Insurance, but also expand to Medicare Supplement, Dental Insurance, and International Medical Coverage.

          Private Health Insurance by Cigna

          Cigna currently offers private under 65 health insurance options in many states. Some common plan benefits are:

          • A Variety of Plan Deductibles
          • Co-Pay Benefits
          • 100% Preventive Coverage
          • Prescription Coverage

          Dental Insurance by Cigna

          Cigna offers dental insurance in most states. Common Plan Benefits are:

          • 100% Preventive Coverage – no deductible
          • Basic Coverage – Fillings / X-rays / Exams
          • Major Coverage – Crowns / Root Canals

          Get CIGNA Health Insurance Quotes

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            Insurance Type (check all that apply)

            HealthShort TermDental/VisionMedicare

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            Medicare Supplement by Cigna

            Cigna Medicare Supplement is one of the best selling Medicare Supplement products in a multitude of states. Some Plan Options Include

            National General Health Insurance Plans

            National General Accident and Health is a branch of the National General Holdings Corporation. It focuses on providing short term and supplemental health coverage. All National General health insurance products are underwritten by four other companies focused on insurance. All four of those companies are permitted to provide health insurance in all of the states and the District of Colombia. The underwritten companies are each responsible for the product the company is associated with.

            National General currently utilizes Aetna Open Choice PPO Network for Individual and Family Health Insurance.

            National General Accident and Health has five products available to customers. The first is Short Term Medical, which is an insurance policy that can be purchased for a full year in most states. The next product is Supplemental Insurance, which is for unpredictable medical expenses. National General Accident and Health also provides Dental Insurance. Fixed-Medical Benefit is a product that offers set benefits on medical expenses. Finally, National General Accident and Health offers Medicare Supplement Insurance.

            Short Term Medical

            Short Term Medical insurance is designed to be an affordable insurance policy. The plan will provide financial protection for medical bills and other expenses related to health care. The plan will cover doctor visits, hospital stays, lab, x-rays, medical equipment, surgeries, etc. The Short Term Medical plan also covers emergency room visits and ambulance rides. Urgent care benefits are included in the plan and most plans cover Urgent Care with a $50 Copay.

            Get a Quote On Short Term Health Insurance.

            The Short Term Medical Plan includes a wide variety of deductible and coinsurance choices to help settle upon a plan that best fits a budget. Coverage can be provided as soon as the next day, so there is not a long period between application and effective date. The plan will also allow a physician to be chosen through the national Aetna Open Choice PPO Network.

            It is important to remember that this plan is designed to be short term, but healthy consumers often buy this coverage and their primary health insurance. There is also no guarantee that everyone will be eligible for this plan, as there is underwriting and pre-existing is not covered on temporary health insurance plans.

            Supplemental Insurance

            The Supplemental Insurance Plan is designed for unforeseen medical issues. For example, a sudden onset and diagnosis of a critical condition would be included with supplemental insurance. There are no network limitations on doctors, so people are free to choose any physician they like and cash benefits are paid to the insured. There are many different options to choose from, so a plan can be created for any budget.

            Accident plans are available to cover accidental medical expenses, such as a broken bone. The Accident plans provides coverage for unexpected expenses related to accidental injuries, such as broken bones, cuts, sprains, etc. Some plans also offer coverage for accidental death and dismemberment. The Accident Fixed-Benefit plan is effective immediately and provides a cash payment to the insured person to help make up for unexpected medical expenses.

            Hospitalization Sickness coverage is another possible supplemental plan. This plan helps cover hospitalization and related costs. It helps people keep financial stability whether because of deductibles or because of primary insurance having high deductibles. This coverage will pay cash directly to the insured to help with costs, allowing a person to use the money in a way that benefits them the most.

            There are also Critical Illness plans. These plans are designed to help pay for treatments related to acute illnesses, or simply a cash benefit to the insured to help make ends meet while they are ill. The Cancer and Heart/Stroke plan gives a cash benefit to a person when first diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, or stroke, and it can be used in any way deemed necessary by the ill person. The Critical Illness – Term Life plan functions identically to the Cancer and Heart/Stroke plan, but it extends coverage a whole family rather than an individual.

            The final supplemental plan offered is the Multi-Coverage Out-of-Pocket plan. Included here is the TrioMed plan, which provides supplemental insurance for the previous three types of coverage. It provides coverage for accidents, hospitalization, and critical illness. A plan enhancer can also be purchased. The enhancer provides a larger benefit.

            Get a Quote On Short Term Health Insurance.

            As these plans are supplemental, it is important to remember that they do have limited benefits. The Supplemental Insurance plans are not meant to replace primary health insurance. The availability of coverage does change state to state, so it is important to remember that as well. These products are priced very well and are very popular with consumers.

            Get Quote – View Plans – See Rates Now

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              Insurance Type (check all that apply)

              HealthLifeShort TermGroupDental/VisionMedicare

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              Dental Insurance

              National General Accident and Health offers two different dental insurance plans. Both plans provide access to the Careington Maximum Care Dental Network. Understanding these plans is important because dental health affects the health of the rest of the body. Dental insurance can help to keep dental health ventures affordable.

              The Dental PPO plan offers an average of 40% reduced rates on dental. It includes three benefit levels, so it is easier to find a plan that fits one’s budget. This plan also has no waiting period for preventive care, so the needed coverage can be received almost immediately. The plan also provides discounts for all major and basic dental services.

              The Dental Indemnity plan works differently than the Dental PPO plan. The Dental Indemnity plan will pay a cash benefit for dental checkups and treatments. Since this helps to catch small dental issues before they become large expenses, this plan mostly focuses on preventive care. There is the option to add a discount of around 42% to the plan, and there are no waiting periods. The Dental Indemnity plan does have a higher out-of-pocket expense for customers.

              Fixed-Benefit Medical

              The goal of this plan is to rethink health insurance. Most health insurance plans are expensive, and copays and deductibles tend to get in the way of any benefits being usable. Rather than being waited down with deductibles and copays, customers are paid a set dollar amount on covered health care services. This helps the insured come up with money to pay their deductibles and copays. This plan plan also has a network of providers to choose from to access lower rates.

              The plan comes with some other perks. When in-network providers are visited, there are discounts available for covered health care services. Health care is more easily attainable because there are no waiting periods and the benefits are easy to use. The plan will also give access to telemedicine and discounts on prescriptions.

              The Fixed-Benefit Medical insurance plan is easy to use. All customers must do is present the insurance card at check-in. From there, the in-network health care provider will inform the insurance company what services were given to the patient, without the need of claim forms. The customer pays the remaining medical expenses once network discounts and benefits have been deducted.

              Medicare Supplement

              The Medicare Supplement plan is designed to provide supplements for costs that may not be covered by Medicare Parts A and B. The plan provides a way to pay for unexpected health care costs without having to dig too deeply into savings. With this plan, set percentages are paid on covered on Medicare services. The deductibles and copays vary from plan to plan.

              The plan provides some advantages. There are no network restrictions other than the doctors accepting Medicare, and no referrals needed for visits to specialists. For those living with a spouse, then the customer is eligible for a 7% discount on the premium for the household. There is a 30-day trial period, so if a customer dislikes the plan and returns it within that time period, the customer will be reimbursed any paid premiums.

              The plan renews automatically and the premium increases or decreases along with Medicare deductibles and coinsurance. There is no waiting period, so a person is eligible to receive benefits the moment the plan goes into effect. Finally, there is no paperwork associated with filing a  claim, the insurance card just must be shown to the health care provider and Medicare benefits are paid directly to the provider.

              National General Accident and Health

              National General Accident and Health has a variety of insurance products. This allows people to choose what is best for their health care needs. The company also provides many different payment options for its products, so a plan can be selected to fit many budgets. National General Accident and Health offers affordable insurance in the short-term, the long-term, and for teeth. Plans to supplement outside insurance are also available at affordable prices.

              Medicare Part B

              Medicare Part BMedicare Part A and Medicare Part B are required if you want to apply for a Medicare Supplement policy. When you have both Medicare Parts A and B it is commonly known as Original or Traditional Medicare. For Americans over the age of 65, Medicare Part A and Part B form the core of their healthcare. Medicare is one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

              What does Medicare Part B Cover?

              Medicare Part A is the first part of Medicare. It is free and is mostly in-patient Hospital Coverage. Medicare Part B is the second part; it helps cover outpatient treatments. The services fall into two categories, (1) Medically necessary services, such as treatments required to diagnose and treat accepted medical conditions. (2) Preventative services to help prevent illnesses, like flu shots, or to detect conditions at an early stage like prostate cancer screenings or mammograms.

              • Outpatient Care
              • Home Health Care
              • Preventive Services
              • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
              • Flu Shots
              • Mental Health
              • Ambulatory service

              However, Medicare Part B is not designed for long term care, dental issues, routine foot care, hearing devices, or eye exams to name a few.

              Who is Eligible for Medicare Part B?

              • Some Disabled individuals
              • People with Renal Disease
              • 65 or older

              Take a moment and learn about Medicare Supplement.

              What is the Cost of Medicare Part B?

              Although Medicare is administered by the government, it comes at a small price. Most Americans pay a monthly cost of $135.50. However, some people who are Medicaid eligible may get it for free. And some higher income individuals will pay higher rates for their Part B. Once you enroll in Medicare, a review of your last two years tax returns will be used to determine the cost of your Part B.

              The standard Part B premium amount in 2019 is $135.50 and most people will pay the standard Part B premium amount. If your modified adjusted gross income as reported on your IRS tax return from 2 years ago is above a certain amount, you’ll pay the standard premium amount and an Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA). IRMAA is an extra charge added to your premium.

              Medicare Part B Deductible and Co-Insurance

              Medicare Part B has a deductible and co-insurance. Each person must meet the $185 per year deductible. This is a calendar year deductible. After deductible Medicare Covers 80% in most cases, leaving the patient with 20% of the cost.

              Medicare Part B Preventive Care

              The government and healthcare community want to make sure certain medical items are covered. Preventive care helps both medical insurance and the government save money. Medicare Part B recipients can receive the following each year for free:

              • Cardiovascular disease screenings
              • Diabetes screenings
              • Colo-rectal Cancer Screenings
              • Mammograms
              • HIV Screenings
              • Bone Density
              • Prostate Cancer Screenings
              • Cervical Cancer Screenings
              • Colonoscopies
              • Vaccines
              • Measles
              • Polo
              • Meningitis

              Part B Enrollment

              Enrollment in Part B is easy. Often times it will automatically process or you could visit to enroll online. It is very common today that a person’s Part A and Part B both automatically begin on the 1st day of one’s 65th birth month. So if a person turns 65 on June 7th, their Part A and Part B would begin June 1st. If you have questions about Part B enrollment and want to learn more about Medicare it is best to let us provide you with a Medicare Overview.