Dental Insurance

If you have spent much time searching online for dental insurance you know there are hundreds if not thousands of dental products being sold, while some are REAL dental insurance products, many are simply discount cards and should be avoided.

All the products we quote on this site are true dental and vision insurance products. Furthermore, all our dental policies cover not only preventive services, but also basic services such as fillings and extractions and major dental work such as crowns, root canals, bridge work, etc. Both dental and vision can be packaged or purchased on their own.

For starters, we recommend viewing your dental and vision insurance quotes. This is the fastest way to find quality, affordable, dental insurance.
Dental Insurance Plans

Individual Dental Insurance Packages

Most of the plans charge around $20 – $50 a month for individual dental insurance coverage. The cost depends on three main conditions.

  1. Coverage levels included: Preventive, Basic, Major
  2. Size of PPO Network or Indemnity Policy
  3. Maximum benefit, example $1,000 vs $3,500 per a year

Dental Benefits on Most Plans Include:

  • Preventive coverage (2 cleanings / X-rays / Exams) at 100% – NO deductible or waiting period
  • Access to a PPO network for additional reduced rates
  • Multiple policies to choose from.
  • $50 deductible on Basic or Major Services
  • Annual maximum benefits from $1000 – $3500 per a covered person

Hot Tip 1: Save time by writing down your dentist’s full name so our staff can research the coverage that is most compatible with your dentist.

Hot Tip 2: If you need Vision Insurance too, you can add Vision coverage to most dental policies.

We cannot stress enough the importance of making sure you purchase a real dental insurance product. The current dental market is filled with discount cards or policies with very small networks. Several well know insurance carriers manage large PPO networks that are filled with quality dentists.

Be very suspicious of extremely low quotes such as $6.95 a month. These products are not real insurance. More importantly, try to avoid plans that make you pay by the year. If the company is offering big incentives to pay by the year (or forcing you to), the plan is probably a scam.

Is my Quote for Real Dental Insurance or a Dental Plan?

If you see advertisements for dental plans, take time to read the small print so you know if your quote is for a plan or a real insurance policy. Some dental companies are very sneaky on how they present their product to the general public. Seeing the word insurance is very important. Dental insurance is regulated by the department of insurance. This means claims have to be paid. The department of insurance reviews the company financials to make certain money is being used to pay claims. A dental plan or discount card has little to no oversight or legal responsibility.

Want us to find the best dental insurance for your needs? Simply view your dental and vision quotes and you’ll be one step closer to peace of mind and a healthy smile.

How Do I find the Best Dental Insurance Plans?

Get Quotes NowFinding the best dental insurance plans is easy. Right now in the United States their are hundreds if not thousands of dental insurance plans being offered. While some plans are right for you, others are not. The coverage you need depends on a few questions.

  1. Do you need major work done immediately?
  2. Do you have a dentist you currently see?
  3. If you do not need major dental immediately, do you anticipate needing major dental work in the future?
  4. Dental insurance costs between $17-$50 a month per a person, what is your budget?

Our job at is to match the consumer with the dental insurance plans that meet their needs. Our staff is always surprised to learn that some consumers spend hours, even days shopping for dental insurance online. For the most part searching online and reviewing plans on your own is a very timely process. Often times we find that consumers call us with a question about a policy they found online, and we learn within 30 seconds that their dentist does not even accept the insurance.

How Soon can I use my Dental Insurance?

Many dental insurance policies can be used the next day. However, most dental policies are only going to cover cleanings, x-rays, and exams instantly. However, where many people get confused is that they do not understand the added value of a PPO network. A PPO network is much like shopping at a special sale.

Here is an example of how PPO dental insurance policy can save you hundreds instantly.

Let’s suppose you have NO dental insurance and you need a crown and a root canal. If this is the case it means one of two things. Maybe you are between jobs and do not have coverage, maybe you simply have ignored proper dental care, or maybe you didn’t buy dental insurance because you couldn’t find the correct plan. Regardless of your situation, you have arrived in an expensive situation because a crown and a root canal in the US average a total cost of $2250. Since you do not have dental insurance, you will not find an insurance company to pay out 50-80% on the procedure (if you did have dental coverage your cost could be as low as $600). Since you don’t have dental insurance you may feel stuck. While you are not in a great situation, you’re not in s horrible situation either, as long as you proceed intelligently.

Here is the Instant Value of Getting getting a PPO Dental Insurance Policy.

With a PPO network you have access to insurance company rates. So an insurance company does not pay $2250 for a crown and a root canal. They pay somewhere between $1000 – $1400 total cost for these procedures. So right away a dental policy would save you around $1000. But it gets better. Many people who anticipate dental work, can get a dental policy and go in instantly and get their cleaning, x-rays, and exams for FREE. This saves you from having to pay the dentist for the x-rays to evaluate your dental pain, because your x-rays are covered once a year under the preventive coverage. The dentist examination is also covered instantly twice a year. So between the preventive x-rays and the dentist exam, you can save $100-$200 right away.

The best way to get the correct dental insurance plan is to begin with an online quote through our site.

Are Dental and Vision Insurance Packages Better?

Yes! Dental and vision insurance policies are generally better priced than buying the plans separately. Not all companies offer packages, but our happiest clients purchase both dental and vision in one plan. Often times due to insurance laws, the policy is sold as a dental insurance policy with a vision rider. This allows for your dental and vision insurance claims to be filed under one policy number. It is an effective tool to allow for one card and one policy number, rather than having two policies to manage.

What kind of Vision Insurance Benefits to do I get?

Most policies that include vision coverage allow for one eye exam a year. The eye exam is either free, or sometimes a $10 copay depending on the plan benefits. It is common for the plan to cover lenses every year. Either contact lenses or lenses for your glasses are covered under a small co-pay as well. It is most common that frames are covered every other year. However, we do offer plans where frames are covered yearly, but it does cost more money for this type of coverage.

What if I Already have Dental Insurance? Can I add Vision?

Yes, If you already have a dental insurance plan, then we could offer you a stand alone vision policy.

Ready to shop? Check on dental and vision insurance quotes.

Dental Insurance for Seniors

Due to adverse selection, senior dental and vision insurance is not always in your best interest. We find that most 65+ dental insurance policies are a bit pricey. This is due to the pool having a greater need for major dental work than a pool of all ages. For example a 28 year old would most likely not be submitting claims for crowns, root canals, dentures, or bridge work. However, a policy limited to senior dental would adversely pool customers looking for coverage of these expensive procedures.

Family Dental Insurance Plans

Family dental insurance plans can offer savings on both premium and family deductibles. For example a family of 4 may only have a $100 annual deductible where as a family of 2 would be limited to the same family deductible. On some policies the family rate is slightly lower than the individual rate. Your agent will be keen to these types of savings. Also, many plans offer discounted vision insurance when their is family vision insurance added to the dental policy.

How Long Can Children Stay on a Family Dental Insurance Plan?

Adult children can stay on their parents dental policy until age 26. At this time the member would be removed from the parents policy. We can easily enroll this applicant into an individual dental policy.

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