Andrew Bennett

Andrew Bennett Health Insurance AgentIf you are searching for insurance, you came to the right place! Purchasing Medicare, Health, Life or Dental insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. With nine years experience and a multitude of licenses, Andrew can easily work with clients to arrive at the right product. Much of what Andrew does is based on learning about your needs. Federal and State Laws have made it almost impossible for the average American to shop insurance on his or her own.  Andrew saves his clients a great deal of time by showing the right coverage at the right price.

Andrew Bennett specializes in Medicare, Individual Health, Dental, and Life Insurance products. Andrew resides in Ohio, but is licensed and certified to work in over 30 states. In the last 12 years Andrew has helped over 9,000 individuals and families obtain quality medical insurance.

It is no cost to work with Andrew. He is paid directly by the insurance carriers and provides the lowest rates on all plans.

Contact Info:
Andrew Bennett
PO BOX 1091
Perrysburg, Ohio 43552
NPN License Number 10224328

(877) 991-4249
Self-enroll for under 65 health insurance!

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