Health Plan Overview

UnitedHealthcare has long been known for their quality medical coverage. Millions of Americans have experienced UnitedHealthcare insurance through their employer group coverage. Today you can shop private health insurance options through Golden Rule – a UnitedHealthcare company….these products are NOT Obamacare…..

2020 Health Plan Options:

  • Low Deductible PPO Plans available in most markets
  • Short Term and other medical policy options – scroll down for a quote
  • National Doctor Networks available
  • Options to add Dental and Vision
  • Range of plan pricing for all ages – scroll down for a quote

Quality health insurance depends on your individual needs. Scroll below to obtain a quote and review the plan offerings in your area.

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    Examples of plans offered by Golden Rule Insurance Company

    • Short Term Medical plans: choices in plan benefits; ideal for bridging gaps in health insurance coverage
    • Dental Insurance plans: Plans range in benefits and budget, including plans design just for seniors.
    • First dollar Fixed Indemnity plans – Office Visits, Hospital, ER, Urgent Care

    Need Medicare?

    If you are on Medicare or turning 65 soon, then a Medicare supplement and gap plans for people 65 and over. Learn about Medicare. Or get a UnitedHealthcare insurance quote:

    Company Profile

    UnitedHealthOne is the brand name used for private individual and family health insurance products underwritten and administered by Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company. Golden Rule’s dedication to this market has led to a great understanding of the average American’s health insurance needs. After years of business the carrier has created a diverse line of products to meet the customer’s expectations.

    Golden Rule Insurance Company now offers Health ProtectorGuard Fix Indemnity Insurance for Under Age 65

    Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company, is now offering Health ProtectorGuard fixed indemnity insurance. Plans are available up to age 65. Some key points of Health ProtectorGuard are that the plans allow you to receive eligible services from any doctor or hospital you choose and get a fixed benefit. Many consumers choose Health ProtectorGuard so they can continue to see their doctor. With HPG, you decide what doctor you want to see!

    Contact us to learn more about Health ProtectorGuard.

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