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If you are shopping for dental and vision insurance plans you came to the right place. We offer both stand alone dental and stand alone vision plans. It is important to know that bundling policies is usually more cost effective. The market has a few excellent dental and vision insurance options. Bundling policies can save you up to $50 per a year.

Hot Tip: Most bundles only issue one bill and one card for the dental and vision insurance policy. This give you less to worry about, because you only have one member ID card to keep track of.

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    Once you submit for your zip code and date of birth you will see your dental and vision Insurance quotes, you will learn about many packages that are available to you. Here are some frequently asked questions that almost all shoppers have.

    The health of our mouth and eyes are no less important than the rest of our body. Yet, Dental and vision insurance plans are often excluded from traditional health insurance coverage. 

    While a health insurance plan can aid in the cost of a broken arm or a skin infection, a chipped tooth or fading eyesight is left up to dental and vision insurance. 

    Can I use my Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance Plan Right Away?

    The answer is YES. Your preventive dental coverage is available to use instantly. This means on your policy effective date you are allowed see the dentist, get cleanings, x-rays, and exams. If you are in need of dental insurance with no waiting periods on fillings or major dental work, we can also have recommendations for this type of coverage.

    Right now in the US an average cost of cleanings, x-rays, and exams is around $250-$400 depending where you reside. With dental insurance you can simply pay your first months premium and have this coverage instantly.

    Basic and Major dental work coverage may have some waiting periods associated with the treatments. These waiting periods depend on the policy design. Almost all companies offer immediate access to the insurance company rate on all procedures. Learn more about this on our overview to dental insurance page.

    Can I really use my Vision Insurance Plan Instantly?

    Yes, your vision insurance can be used right when your policy become effective. If in the past you ever paid full retail price for eye exams, contacts, or glasses, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Your next visit may cost you as low as $10 in co-pays. It is not uncommon for people to call our office and tell us they spent $500 on new glasses. Once you have vision insurance, you can put those days behind you. The dental and vision insurance combo is one of the longest lasting policies in the insurance industry, with average utilization you’ll get your money’s worth.

    What is the Best Dental and Vision Insurance Plan?

    Dental and Vision Plans

    Right now it depends on where you live and the number of members applying. The beauty of QuoteFinder.Org is that we work with all the companies. We are 100% designed to meet your needs. As an independent insurance agency, we earn very little money selling dental and vision insurance policies but see the need in the marketplace. If you’ve arrived at our site, that means you probably have already dug through a dozen other sites trying to sell you discount plans or other dental products from companies you never heard of before. You may have felt a bit leery about those products and that is the correct feeling to have.

    Today the internet has ten bad products for every good product being offered. With our guidance and friendly staff we can answer your questions and get you pointed in the correct direction. Of the people we talk to, 1 in 2 enroll in a plan with us. We have good chance of meeting your dental needs.

    Here are the reasons why dental and vision insurance may not be right for you.

    • Plans cost between $20 – $50 and some people just can’t fit this into their budget.
    • Many people want braces covered and dental insurance is NOT designed to offer much benefit for braces. We prefer NOT work with these consumers as we know they will expect more and receive less.
    • Some consumers have completely ignored their dental health, and even with a top of the line dental insurance policy, they would still have to pay thousands to fix the problems.
    • Some shoppers, are simply shoppers. The idea of dedicating an increment of time to choosing a quality product and moving forward with the purchase is just not the way they lead their life.

    Average Costs of Dental And Vision Services when paying Cash

    Listed below are some average shelf prices for common dental and vision services.

    • Exams including x-rays and cleaning: $267
    • Fillings single, silver-amalgam filling:  $80 to $150
    • Fillings, white/composite: $150 – $300
    • Tooth extractions non-surgical: $175 to $350
    • Crowns: $1480
    • Root canals: $1260

    Vision Costs

    • Eye Exam for Contacts and Glasses: $100
    • Eye Exam for Glasses $50
    • Eye Exam for Contacts $60
    • Glasses – Frames: $200
    • Glasses – Lenses: $100
    • Glasses – Progressive $200
    • Contact Lenses: $200-$500 per year

    Here are the reasons why dental insurance and Vision Insurance IS a good fit for you.

    • You value your dental hygiene
    • You understand the importance of a good smile
    • Traditionally, you get two cleanings every year
    • You’ve always had dental and vision insurance and understand it’s value
    • You understand that dental insurance keeps you on track with having two annual visits
    • You fully know that sooner or later you WILL need your dental insurance for fillings, crowns, root canals, etc and you want to be ready for when those bills come.

    Learn more about dental hygiene in the US. Or Get A Quote On Dental and Vision Insurance.

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