Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is a policy purchased by the employer. Most group policies insure more than 50 eligible employees as under the Affordable Care Act it is required by law to offer insurance or the business would be subject to large tax penalties.

Small Group health insurance is for less than 50 employees and is currently not as popular an option as it used to be. Essentially, if the employer has staff earning a more modest income, it would be best for those clients to shop individual health insurance with us and to collect a subsidy through the Affordable Care Act. Most employers see a great value in this option.

Many Americans believe Group health insurance is less costly than a private individual policy. This is not true. In most markets today the group coverage is still more costly. On most employer plans, the employee may only pay half the plan premium. Often employees do not understand the employer is also contributing to the plan.

To request a group health quote, simply contact us so we can connect with you and review the many options for your business. Usually, a brief call can answer several question and help clarify what options may be best for your company.

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