United Healthcare Insurance Quotes

United HealthCare Insurance QuotesUnited Healthcare has long been known for their quality medical coverage. Millions of Americans have experienced United Healthcare insurance through their employer group coverage. Today you can shop private health insurance options….this is NOT Obamacare…..

2018 United Healthcare Plan Benefits:

  • Low Deductible Plans Available in most markets
  • Short Term and other medical policy options – scroll down for a quote
  • National Doctor Networks Available
  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Options to add Dental And Vision
  • Range of plan pricing for all ages – scroll down for a quote

Quality health insurance depends on your individual needs. Scrolling below and reviewing United Healthcare insurance quotes is the best way to see the plans in your area.

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Examples of plans offered by United Healthcare

  • United HealthCare Insurance QuotesCopay Plans for people who prefer the copay for routine office visits
  • High Deductible Plans for those who would prefer pay out of pocket for most health expenses
  • First dollar Fixed Benefit plans – Office Visits, Hospital, ER, Urgent Care

Need Medicare?

If you are on Medicare or turning 65 soon, then a Medicare supplement and gap plans for people 65 and over. Learn about Medicare. Or get a United Healthcare insurance quote:

United Healthcare Company Profile

United Health One is the brand name used for products underwritten and administered by United Healthcare a group of companies offering private individual and family health insurance from either Golden Rule Insurance Company or United Healthcare Insurance Company. These companies service individuals, families, and seniors who shop for private medical insurance. UHC’s dedication to this market has led to a great understanding of the average American’s health insurance needs. After years of business the carrier has created a diverse line of products to meet the customer’s expectations.

United Healthcare has many offices across the country. UnitedHealthOne, Golden Rule, PacifiCare, American Medical Security (AMS),  Mid-Atlantic Medical Services (MAMSI), Oxford Health Plans, and Secure Horizons, are only some of the companies under the United Health Group (UNH). The conglomerate of insurance companies provide more than 70 million Americans with medical insurance. The U.S. network consists of close to a million doctors and healthcare professionals.

United Healthcare now offers Health ProtectorGuard for Under Age 65

United Healthcare is now offering Health ProtectorGuard. The policy is being offered through Golden Rule Insurance Company, which is owned by UHC. Health ProtectorGuard is United Healthcare’s answer to healthcare for those who are under age 65 and are not offered coverage through an employer. Some key points of HPG is that the plans allow you to use any doctor or hospital you choose and the rates are far lower than Affordable Care Act Plans or Obamacare plans. So families who are not getting federal subsidy money can save 40-60% by obtaining coverage with Golden Rule Insurance company. Besides savings on premium, many consumers choose Health ProtectorGuard so they can continue to see their doctor. Most Obamacare plans being offered today have extremely small networks that very few doctors accept. With HPG you decide what doctor you want to see!

Contact more to learn more at Health ProtectorGuard.

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3 thoughts on “United Healthcare Insurance Quotes”

  1. Love my UHC dental plan. Had ignored all the major stuff for years. Only paid $305 for a crown. Last year only paid $68 for three fillings that needed done. Such a relief to be free of dental pain.

  2. We got term life insurance with United Healthcare and we opted in for the critical illness rider and are going to get paid $10,000 if diagnosed with a qualifying illness or cancer, Breast cancer runs in my family so I’m glad to have this. I hope my sister gets it too, the policy, because the $10,000 would help pay deductible and bills and stuff if something like that happens. $11 a month cost for policy. That is about impossible to beat. Sometimes insurance makes sense. My husband even agreed this seems like a good deal.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this insurance!!!!! My son has alot of medical needs including medication, medical equipment, test, and 4 month medical stay in the hospital! It is so stressful taking care of a sick child!

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