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Aetna Supplemental Health Insurance Plans

Aetna Supplemental Health Insurance PlansAetna is ranked one of the country’s top insurance companies in the US. Aetna supplemental health insurance plans offer customers a variety of benefits, including Medicare Supplement Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. These three Medicare Plans are some of the best selling plans in the country. Aetna is especially committed to providing our nation’s Medicare recipients with complete and first-rate coverage, so members can achieve optimal health and receive care from all Medicare doctors and facilities across the country.

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Because of the increasing out-of-pocket expenses associated with Medicare, Medigap, which is a Medicare Supplement insurance, has become a crucial component of health care coverage for the Medicare eligible population. In most states, Aetna provides this service to adults 65 years and older. Depending on plan selection. The coverage can conveniently eliminate or reduce deductibles, copay’s and coinsurance, which have risen over the past few years.

We have other pages on this website where consumers can find a comprehensive guide detailing exactly what a Medicare Supplement policy is, what it covers and how to purchase Medicare Supplement insurance.

Hot Tip: Aetna Supplemental Plans are one of the fastest growing segments of Aetna Insurance Company.

Aside from supplemental coverage, Aetna also offers its customers an array of complementary products with a personalized customer service approach.

Aetna Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

Dealing with the death of loved one is difficult. Aetna’s Final Expense Insurance allows a family to grieve the loss of a loved one, rather than focusing on funeral costs. This coverage provides many levels of life insurance coverage for all funeral associated expenses, and rates do not increase throughout the life of the policy. These policies have a simplified underwriting and often can be approved very quickly.

Aetna Protection Series

This series offers three types of policies:

  • Cancer and Heart Attack or Stroke
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  • Recovery Care Insurance

Heart attacks and cancer are the first and second leading causes of death in The United States. A stroke can happen to a healthy individual at any age. It is crucial, therefore, to protect oneself from these relevant diseases. This coverage is important because it protects the consumer’s financial assets if he/she were to acquire one of these diseases.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance offers a variety of benefits for anyone who may be admitted and/or confined to a hospital for any reason. It would cover any additional expenses as a result of the hospital stay, and benefits are paid directly to the insured.

Recovery Care Insurance is available for customers aged 50 to 89. This provides monies that can be applied to any nursing home residence or assisted living facility expenditures.

If you are interest in Aetna supplemental health insurance plans, please request a quote.

Aetna Home Care Insurance

Aetna also offers another important product for consumers who may be in need of care at their home. Ranging from physical therapy to a qualified health aide, this policy provides any service a client may need while remaining in the comfort of their home. Learn more about Aetna today.