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Golden Rule Insurance Company Dental Insurance

Golden Rule Insurance Company, a  UnitedHealthcare Company, offers individual and family dental insurance with optional vision insurance is a must when it comes to having quality coverage for you or your family. If your employer does not offer coverage, or you are between jobs or self employed, these dental policies are a very good option. Cleanings, X-rays, and Exams are covered day one with these dental products. Take a closer look to learn about other covered services, such as fillings, root canals, and crowns. And read below to learn about adding vision coverage to your dental policy.

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Dental Insurance Benefits Include:

  • No Waiting Period for Preventive Care
  • Family or Individual Dental Policies
  • Plan Options for Basic and Major Dental Services
  • National Network of Dentists
  • Optional Vision Insurance Rider

Dental care can be challenging to a person’s budget. Individual or Family dental insurance help provide the coverage and convenience needed to keep smiling brightly.

Want to learn more about Dental Insurance? view Dental and Vision Insurance Plans.

Many Dental Plan Options are Available

Primary plans include:

  • Primary Dental – more affordable coverage Get a Quote
  • Primary Plus Dental
  • Primary Preferred Dental
  • Primary Preferred Plus Dental – Use Any Dentist
  • See the Primary plans brochure

The Premier plans include:

  • Premier Choice Dental – a very popular option – Get a Quote
  • Premier Plus Dental – includes coverage for braces / dental implants
  • Premier Elite Dental
  • Premier Max Dental
  • See the Premier plans brochure

The Gen plans (for individuals age 64+) include:

  • Gen Basic Dental
  • Gen Saver Dental
  • Gen Deluxe Dental – a very popular option – Get a Quote
  • Gen Plus Dental – Use Any Dentist
  • Learn more about the Dental Gen Plans

Why so Many Dental Options?

Dental insurance policies can vary greatly in price and coverage levels. While a young person may simply want an inexpensive plan for cleanings, x-rays and exams, a person age 65 may want coverage for major dental work or crowns and root canals. On the other hand a family may be interested in coverage for braces, while another family may not have any need for coverage on braces.

Here are some key things to know about Golden Rule Insurance Company dental insurance plans

  • Traditional Policy Design and Easy to Understand
  • Two Cleanings, X-rays, Exams Covered Per a Calendar Year
  • National Network that offers Discounted Rates!
  • Annual maximum benefits from $1,000 to $3,000 per a year
  • Optional Vision Rider in most states

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Vision Insurance – An Optional Benefit

When buying Dental insurance you can package it with vision insurance in most states. An additional premium is required to add the vision insurance. This is an excellent way to save money as vision insurance on its own would cost more. Some of the best features of the vision insurance are:

-Network Eye Exams: – covered every 12 months

-Frames: Covered every 12 months – up to network allowance

-Select Contact Lenses: covered every 12 months 

-The Network includes : Private practices along with leading retailers!

What is the Cost of Dental and Vision Insurance?

Plan rates vary by state and coverage levels. Applicants may save money by applying for both dental and vision coverage at the same time.

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The dental insurance plans easily pair with other supplemental coverage. Golden Rule Insurance Company offers Fixed Indemnity, Accident, and more, through a single carrier.