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Spirit Dental Coverage for Implants

Spirit Dental InsuranceBaby Boomers are reaching retirement age and may be losing their dental insurance. Spirit Insurance is available at affordable rates with no maximum issue age.

Why Buy Seniors Need Dental Insurance

  • Spirit Dental coverage has No Maximum Issue Age
  • Regular dental and eye exams can show signs of oral cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. Spirit dental insurance can help identify other health problems
  • Spirit Dental and vision insurance provides access to a national provider network with over 270,000 dentist

Why Seniors Buy Spirit Dental Coverage

  • Spirit Dental No waiting periods for all services
  • Next day effective dates to qualified applicants
  • Choose your own PPO dentist
  • 3 cleanings per calendar year
  • Choose from $1200 or $3500 annual maximums
  • Optional vision coverage with EyeMed
  • 30-day policy satisfaction guarantee
  • No monthly association or billing fees
  • Dental implants are covered under Spirit
  • 80,000+ MaxCare PPO Providers
  • 90% Usual and Customary for Indemnity dental insurance products
  • $100 lifetime deductibles on dental policies
  • Guaranteed acceptance to qualified applicants
  • Child Orthodontia coverage available