Cigna Health Insurance Plan Options


Cigna provides millions of American’s with healthcare products. These products include not only individual and family Health Insurance, but also expand to Medicare Supplement, Dental Insurance, and International Medical Coverage.

Private Health Insurance by Cigna

Cigna currently offers private under 65 health insurance options in many states. Some common plan benefits are:

  • A Variety of Plan Deductibles
  • Co-Pay Benefits
  • 100% Preventive Coverage
  • Prescription Coverage

Dental Insurance by Cigna

Cigna offers dental insurance in most states. Common Plan Benefits are:

  • 100% Preventive Coverage – no deductible
  • Basic Coverage – Fillings / X-rays / Exams
  • Major Coverage – Crowns / Root Canals

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    Medicare Supplement by Cigna

    Cigna Medicare Supplement is one of the best selling Medicare Supplement products in a multitude of states. Some Plan Options Include

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