Dental Insurance

If you have spent much time searching online for ‘health and dental insurance quotes’ you know there are hundreds if not thousands of health and dental products being sold, while some are REAL insurance products, many are simply discount cards.

All the dental and health products we quote are true insurance products. Furthermore all our dental policies cover not only preventive services, but also basic services such as fillings and extractions and major dental work such as crowns, root canals, bridge work, etc.

For starters we recommend getting a quote on health and dental insurance packages. If you just want dental coverage, click the banner below for an instant dental insurance quote through United Health One.

Individual Health and Dental Insurance Packages

Currently, the following carriers are offering individual and family health and dental packages: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, and United Health One. Most of the plans charge around $25 a month for the added dental coverage. United Health One has become very popular as they now have an option for health, dental, and vision insurance packages.

United Health One Dental Benefits Include:

  • Preventive coverage at 100% – NO deductible or waiting period.
  • Access to a PPO network of more than 73,000 dentist.
  • Two dental policies to choose from.
  • Both policies have PPO in-network and out-of-network coverage.
  • Only a $50 deductible on Basic or Major Services.
  • Annual maximum benefit of $1000 per a covered person.

We recommend visiting Dentist Locator at UnitedHealthCare Dentists To check and see if your dentist is in or out of network. If your dentist is out of network the Premier plan would be a better option.

Click the following link to view the UHC brochure for the Dental Premier and Dental Value plans.
Quotes range from $17-$35 a month for United Health One dental insurance.

United Health One Dental Quotes

We cannot stress enough the importance of making sure you purchase a real dental insurance product. The current dental market is filled with discount cards or policies with very small networks. United Health Care manages such a large PPO network that it is easy to find an in-network dentist. Simply call 877-305-9083 if you need help.

Be very suspicious of extremely low quotes such as $6.95 a month. These products are not real insurance. More importantly, try to avoid plans that make you pay by the year. If the dental quote is offering big incentives to pay by the year (or forcing you to), the plan is probably a scam.

Is my Quote for Real Dental Insurance or a Dental Plan?

If you see advertisements for dental plans, take time to read the small print so you know if your quote is for a plan or a real insurance policy. Some dental companies are very sneaky on how they present their product to the general public. Seeing the word insurance is very important. Dental insurance is regulated by the department of insurance. This means claims have to be paid. The department of insurance reviews the company financials to make certain money is being used to pay claims. A dental plan or discount card has little to no oversight or legal responsibility.

Want more dental insurance quotes? Email your needs to Info@QuoteFinder.Org .