Medicare Supplement Agents

medicare supplement agentMedicare insurance plans from QuoteFinder.Org are not offered by any Medicare Supplement Agent. We pride ourselves on only working with Authorized to Offer agents. This type of independent agent is required to be certified by all Medicare insurance companies. This level of certification allows for the consumer to work with one agent and all companies. The consumer can work with one agent and that single agent can answer all questions. This level of customer support is rare to find in our country. Best of all our services are free as we are paid through the insurance companies. All rates are set by law, so the rates you see are the lowest possible rates.

To offer Insurance plans through this site, independent Medicare Supplement Agents must:

  • Be licensed in each state her or she conducts business
  • Be certified to sell each plan being offered
  • The agent must have at least 4 years experience in the Medicare Insurance industry
  • The agent must annually complete required insurance product training for each company
  • The agent must have a strong renewable book of satisfied Medicare clients
  • Have zero complaints with CMS

What you can expect from a Medicare Supplement Agent:

  • You can expect professional guidance from an informed agent
  • Recommendation of only quality products that coincide with your needs
  • A friendly down to Earth attitude and an easy person to talk with

An Authorized to Offer agent can provide personalized service and assist you in finding solutions to fit your Medicare needs. This site gives consumers access to a REAL person to discuss questions and concerns. Obtaining the correct Medicare supplement plan is very important. Agents are trained to help you understand how specific plans may address your unique needs. If everyone works together and both parties listen carefully and asks questions, everyone will wins.

A true Medicare Supplement Agent will be your guide for years to come. Many of our agents are now on a second generation of clients. We have many 90+ year old clients who still come to us when they have questions. Contact us if you are looking for a  FREE Medicare supplement agent.

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