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Humana Dental InsuranceHumana dental insurance is an affordable way to obtain dental coverage in many states. Humana offers a rang of plans including PPO and HMO options. The Dental Preventive Plus is the most affordable plan, while the Dental Loyalty is the most comprehensive. If you are normally in need of major dental work the Dental Loyalty would be the best way to go. Get a Quick Quote.

Which Humana Dental Insurance Policy is Correct for Me?

Humana offers different levels of coverage to meet different needs. Humana dental insurance can also be combined with a vision plan. All coverage is easy to understand and easy to purchase through this site. Humana’s PPO network includes hundreds of thousands of dentists and optometrist. No matter which policy you choose, you’ll have access to a large number of providers.

Learn more about dental insurance in the US, or see dental insurance quotes.

Dental Loyalty Plus Plan by Humana

Dentist Options: Choose any dentist, in-network or out-of-network. Get enhanced saving by using an in-network dentist.
Annual deductible: One-time deductible for the life of the policy: $150 per person up to $450 for a family.

Preventive / Routine cleaning / X-rays: Plan covers 100% for two cleanings a year and 40-70% for X-rays.

Office Visits: No copay. Coverage or possible discount is based on unique services provided.

Annual Maximum Benefits: $1,000 1st year, $1,250 2nd year, and $1,500 3rd year and onward.

Waiting Periods: None. You can start saving right away. The longer you have the plan the more you save!

More about Humana Dental Loyalty Plus

The Humana Loyalty Plus plan REWARDS YOU with increasing benefits from years one to three. This plan has no waiting period for covered services. Members can choose to visit any dentist that you prefer. However, you can save even more by accessing Humana’s dental PPO network and picking one of the more than 130,000 dentists who are contracted with Humana  to offer you lower rates.

Humana Complete Dental – New

Good health starts with a healthy mouth. Regular dental exams and cleanings can lower the risk of gum disease, which is linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious conditions. The Humana Complete dental plan is designed for people who are looking to maintain their oral health through regular dental exams and cleanings. The plan offers affordable coverage for preventive, basic and major services like routine cleanings and exams, fillings, dentures and extractions. You can lower your cost by choosing one of the more than 270,000
dentist locations in the Humana Dental PPO network.

See the Dental Complete Brochure. Or Get a Dental Quote now.

Humana Dental Preventive Plus

Dentist: Choose any dentist, in-network or out-of-network. Stay in-network and access enhanced savings.

Annual Deductible: $50 for one person or up to $150 for a family ( deductible does not apply to discounted services).

Annual Maximum Benefits: $1,000.

Preventive / Routine cleaning / X-rays: Plan covers 100%.

Office Visits: No copay. All coverage or possible discount is based on services provided.

Waiting Periods: No waiting period for preventive care services; 6 months for basic dental services like fillings and oral surgery.

See Preventive Plus Brochure or Get a Dental Quote now.

More on the Dental Preventive Plus by Humana

While the Humana Dental Preventive Plus focuses on coverage for preventive and basic services, discounts may be available on major services like crowns, bridgework, as well as orthodontics for people of all ages. These special Humana dental insurance discounts are only available with in-network dentists. After you get a dental quote, you can see more details about benefits and discounts.

Bright Plus Dental by Humana – A new plan option!

Bright Plus Dental is an affordable options for basic dental care. The large Humana PPO and core benefits makes this a best seller.

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23 thoughts on “Get Humana Dental Insurance Online”

  1. Humana Employer Dental plan features:
    • Preventive services covered 100% at in-network dentists
    • Additional coverage to help with periodontal disease (4 cleanings/year)
    • HumanaVitality®, Vitality Points™ for annual exams
    • Extended annual maximums (Humana pays 30% of costs after the annual maximum is met — no other plans offer this option)

    Humana Employer Vision Features
    Humana Vision plan features:
    • Annual eye exams for just $10
    • Diabetic eye care to help manage diabetes in most plans
    • HumanaVitality®, Vitality Points™ for annual exams**
    • Access to a network with more than 70,000 participating providers in more than 24,000 locations

    1. Please send me dental plan that starts at $17 a month and other plans. I go to a dental college to have my teeth worked on. Will this plan pay for students to do my dental work. I received your letter in mail about dental plans. I need to no how much plan pays on old crowns to be replaced, fillings, spacers, pulling teeth, root canals, bridge work and maybe later on surgery to have teeth pulled for dentures. Thank you
      I have you drug coverage and very pleased with the price of my medicines.

  2. Can you please send a paper brochure in the mail with the plans and the cost of each? We have drug coverage with Walmart/Humana.

  3. I need dental insurance for myself and my husband , for my husband dentures. for myself I need dental work. I want to know the best way to go please give me the best quote you can.

  4. I need a quote for my husband and me , he wears 2 plates that always seem to be broken I need cleaning and maintenance. A paper quote please.

  5. I need dental insurance for my father who is retired from the City of Los Angeles. He has medical but no dental. He needs new dentures as the ines in his mouth are all flat no bite. He’s 95 yrs young

    1. Great. Humana has been mailing postcards about their plans. We would be glad to help you. Begin with an online quote on this site.

  6. Was looking for dental coverage for dentures. Please provide plans that would cover dentures.
    Thank you

  7. Please send the plan through the Postal service for $17 per Mo, I can then review what’s covered. Thank you

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