Maryland Health Insurance in 2019 by Manhattan Life

Manhattan Life

If you live in Maryland you will be happy to know that New Plans are available for 2019. Manhattan Life is now offering private fixed indemnity healthcare plans in MD.

Affordable Choice Plans MD

Affordable Choice Key Points:

  • Use any Doctor, Facility or Hospital: You Decide!
  • Apply ANYTIME, these Private Policies are not subject to Open Enrollment
  • Five plan designs to fit your needs and budget

Manhattan Life is now offering five Affordable Choice plan options in Maryland. All plans include Your first step is to get an online quote.

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    Manhattan Life Dental and Vision Insurance

    Manhattan Life also offers Dental and Vision Insurance policies in Maryland. These plans have been a popular option in Maryland for many years. Be sure to check on these plan rates if you are interested in Dental and Vision coverage.

    The Affordable Choice plans shown above are limited benefit fixed-indemnity plans and benefits are per Covered Person. This is not a major medical insurance plan. Fixed-indemnity benefits are provided for hospital confinement and specified medical and surgical events. These benefits are paid in daily amounts for covered events without regard to the costs of services rendered. This plan does not provide expense reimbursement for charges based on your health care provider’s statement.

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