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No Waiting Period Dental Insurance MissouriMissouri dental insurance plans are available with no waiting periods. The plans available are real dental insurance policies and are NOT discount plans. The no waiting period benefit is unique to only a few states including Connecticut, Illinois, Texas, and Missouri. Keep reading to learn about the policy benefits in Missouri.

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Missouri Dental Insurance Plan Benefits

Preventive Services: Two dental cleanings per a year. Children also receive fluoride treatments and sealants.

Basic Services: Fillings, x-rays, and simple extractions.

Major Services: Oral surgery, periodontics, crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Missouri No Waiting Period Dental Insurance Coverage Levels

Preventive Services: 100% Day OneMissouri Dental Insurance

Basic Services: 50% Day One (policy pays 65% after 1 year, and 80% after two years)

Major Services: 50% Day One

Please review the percentage of coverage carefully as these benefits are important to how your plan works.

For example, if you reside in Missouri and instantly need a cleaning, X-rays, filling, and a crown, this policy would pay for your services as follows:

Day one the policy would cover 100% on the cleaning. However, the x-rays and filling are basic dental work, so the plan would only cover 50% of the cost. The same 50% would apply to the crown which falls under major dental work.

If you have shopped much for dental insurance you will know that these benefits are excellent for first day coverage. Most dental insurance plans have long waiting periods before basic and major procedures are covered.

If you would like to check rates, please get a dental quote.

Dental Insurance Coverage Limits for Missouri

The standard yearly coverage amount a dental policy will pay for Missouri is $1000. However for around $7 a month extra the maximum amount can be raised to $2,000. It is important to know that only half your policy limit can be used for major dental work. So if you purchase the $2,000 limit only half can be used on major dental work, the other half would be used on basic services such as x-rays, extractions, and fillings.

Dental insurance shoppers must remember that the max out of pocket benefit is in addition to the PPO network rate. When you use the no waiting period dental PPO network you also receive the insurance company rate. So, for example, the normal rate on a crown in Missouri is $1,185 per a tooth, but with the PPO dental insurance the rate is reduced to around $751 in most regions. Your cost would be half the $751 or $375.50 per a crown.

For another example, if you were looking to get a composite filling, the national average retail rate is $187 per a filling. Through the dental insurance PPO the rate becomes $110. During the first year of your plan your rate would only be $55 in most parts of MO.

It is very important to understand that a $1000 benefit is what the dental insurance pays in addition to getting the insured the reduced rates.

Missouri Dental Insurance Deductibles

A deductible is an amount of money that you must pay before services are covered. For Missouri residents the dental insurance has a One Time preventive coverage deductible of $50. After this deductible is paid, the preventive coverage deductible is never paid again.

In addition to the preventive deductible the plan has a $50 calendar year deductible for basic and major dental services. This $50 deductible would need to be paid if you have basic or major dental procedures completed. The $50 deductible is only paid once per a calendar year. The deductible would not be paid if basic or major dental work is not received.

To see rates or learn more about Missouri dental insurance, simply get a dental quote. Vision coverage can also be added to your dental insurance.


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2 thoughts on “Missouri Dental Insurance No Waiting Period”

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. A dream come true. No waiting. Hubby had crown and root canal done ASAP. Son had wisdom teeth extractions. We all got cleanings. Had to chose a new dentist, but we don’t care we saved a ton of money. honest to god my husband was going to get his tooth pulled. this plan saved his tooth. We got vision and that’s good too. We’re happy with the plan.

  2. Missouri dental insurance can be very confusing as many people don’t know exactly what dental insurance covers, how long they have to wait before they are covered and how much they may have to spend out of pocket before insurance takes over. We make it really simple for our clients because we will walk you through the entire process of how dental insurance works and we also have many plans to choose from so we can get you the best option that fits your needs and budget.

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