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Security Life Dental InsuranceSecurity Life provides an original collection of ancillary benefits products (mainly dental and vision insurance products) to both employer groups and individual consumers and is licensed to vend insurance products in 50 states as well as the District of Columbia. Each product offered by Security Life includes flexible and unique features that consumers request in meeting their evolving benefit needs.

What Dental Products and Vision Plans do they offer?

Security life offers the following individual and family dental insurance plans. Get a Quote now.

PrimeStar Plan: Under this plan, the clients can save through a network or have more flexibility with the network option. Their enhanced plan designs give both distribution partners and consumers an ability to pick the best-suited network coverage, an option of adding vision, and calendar year max benefits ($1000 or $2000) to an individual package. It can be purchased by anyone who is over 18 years old.

Security Life Dental Insurance members obtain benefits for preventative, basic and major services on the policy issue date. This plan has no waiting periods, but benefits are limited on basic or major dental work performed the first year of owning the policy (Your health insurance agent can review this with you).  It allows the policyholder to have the coverage they require when they need it.major

Also, the plan covers co-insurance costs such as essential services (fillings, x-rays, and simple extractions) 80% of the costs are covered by the plan while the policyholder will bear 20%. Preventative services such as fluoride treatments, teeth cleanings and sealants are covered by the plan as well.

The PrimeStar plan also offers the freedom to pick your own dentist.

Other dental benefits include

  • Coverage for people over individuals, families and spouses.
  • No enrollment fees.
  • 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee which allows unsatisfied clients to cancel their plan within 30 days and all premiums paid will be returned as long as no services were rendered.
  • Optional vision rider.

Security Life Group Dental Insurance Plans

Security life helps businesses deliver dental and vision programs to employees and their immediate family members. It offers the Gemstar package which features both dental and vision insurance.

The GemStar dental insurance plans are devoid of waiting periods on a most of their services. Policyholders who are looking to get dental work completed quickly can greatly profit from this. The dental/vision products may be purchased as a package or standalone. This gives each person in a group the ability to pick the best coverage for their family.

The Group dental insurance packages have the unique ability to be issued to as few as two lives. The plans also allows for each member to choose any dentist with the option to use the PPO network for additional savings. Per state requirements, the package doesn’t have a waiting period for most services.

The vision package offers plans which are built to meet the needs of policyholders. Some features include the ability to issue the plans down to only two lives, an option of VSP, non-network plans or EyeMed. The package doesn’t have waiting periods for a lot of their services as well and offer discount LASIK benefits. With additional network discounts available for policyholders.

Examples of Dental Insurance Cost

The plans have different quotes and pricing according to the particular policy required, age of applicants, and location. An example of some includes the dental essential network which goes for $26.17 per month and it offers preventative services without a waiting period. It also only provides a $500 calendar year benefit and no enrollment fees.

The advantage network offers the same package with an additional $1000 calendar year max benefit for the primary services that don’t exceed $500 per a service. It costs only $40.17 per month.

The advantage plus costs $62.19, and it allows its policyholders to visit any dentist of their choice and it comes with no waiting period. The package contains coverage for orthodontic services and offers $1000 calendar year max benefit.

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